Language Courses

The Scandinavian Language School offers semestral courses in following languages:

If you are interested in learning Faroese, Latvian, Estonian and/or Lithuanian, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

One semester course is 15 weeks long = 15 lessons.

a) Autumn Term starts in OCTOBER and ends in JANUARY.
b) Spring Term starts in FEBRUARY and ends in JUNE.

Lessons take place once a week in the evening hours, each lesson being 90 minutes.


We offer six course levels which are divided into two school terms:


We provide courses in groups of a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 students. In case of less students than 5, our school is ready to make an individual group offer. Summer courses will be opened with at least 5 students.

We take only students older than 16.

All courses include:


ONLY textbooks published in Nordic countries and in Nordic languages are used. You can either buy course materials from the school or borrow them during class.


We offer Czech courses for Nordic people as well!

We offer Czech tuition for Scandinavians, all levels. Our teachers speak fluently Czech and one of the Nordic languages. For further information, timetable etc., please contact us.

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