Group teaching

We offer evening group courses from Monday to Thursday evening in our school.  The courses run from 17.50 to 21.00, two teaching units of 90 minutes.

The classes take place once a week- 90 minute lessons. Every term we open a wide range of different language levels in each Nordic language from A1 level (beginners) up to C2 (advanced).

The content of the courses covers grammar, phonetics and cultural connotations. In all nordic languages we only use nordic textbooks from relevant and updated nordic publishers.

We mainly focus on conversational abilities, which is the key objective at all levels in all nordic languages.

Native speaking teachers are doing conversation sessions from the false beginners level (3rd term) once a month.

From B2 level the courses are led by only native speaking teachers.

At every term end we have internal written and oral testing at all levels and students hereafter receive a certificate stating the completed course.

Non-Czech speaking students can join any given course, as all teachers are experienced in teaching the concerned nordic language in both Czech and English.

The maximum limit of students is 10 per class.

Please note that we need a minimum of 5 students enrolled, to be able to open a course.

Please check the current „timetable“ to get an overview of the offered times and courses.

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